Thursday, 6 November 2014

Why am I doing this?

Suicide in Singapore. Suicide methods. Maybe I should kill myself. Kill myself painlessly.Commit suicide. 

I was just leading my own mundane life as usual and browsing my facebook timeline for entertaining news when I saw a post by one of my favourite pages - SGAG. It's just another post by them commending the public service (SCDF this time round) - until I read the comments...

It's heartbreaking to see ignorant and insensitive remarks like these.

I had the urge to comment to those insensitive jerks :( but I am a coward, I did not want to disrupt my life and reveal my identity. Furthermore, there is just so much I want to say. But I thought I should do something, I must do something, perhaps by sharing about what went through my mind when I was suicidal.

Many blogs by depressed people are in the form of a journal, to vent their frustration or to get support from online friends. I just hope to provide a more informative kind of blog. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this** but I hope, I really hope that my sharing is helpful to at least some people.

Even if only 1 person gets to read this and be a teeny weeny bit more educated about depression/'mental' people, I would be glad.

I do not seek your attention/sympathy/money/love for you do not know who I am.

My only aim in spending time and effort setting up this blog is to raise awareness on this horrendous illness/condition known as depression. (and other mental health issues)

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**just found out about

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