Friday, 7 November 2014

Dumb people should die.

Why are you labeling suicidal/depressed people as 'dumb'?

Technically, I'm not dumb. I have an above-average IQ. I hold a degree with honours from a local uni (nothing THAT amazing I know but statistically still significant). Currently, hiding my condition, I'm gainfully employed, earning at least 20% more than the Median Gross Monthly Income* despite having started work for less than a few years.

You may argue that I'm 'dumb' for 'not being able to help myself' or not being able to handle the 'truth' that what I'm going through is not even 'that bad'.


You're right - I can't help myself (in a way) - that's why depression IS an illness.

I can't help feeling lousy. I can't help feeling sluggish. I can't help feeling helpless. I can't help breaking down in tears when a 'minor' mishap happens.

Perhaps, when someone can no longer escape this terrifying internal whirlpool of negative thoughts and emotional pain, this person is really sick and in need of help and NOT just 'dumb'.

Btw, my logical mind tells me to seek help - so I did.

I tried to help myself in unhealthy ways at first. And of course, things spiraled downwards and life got worse.
Then somehow by God's grace I was able to find healthier ways - by seeking help from mental health professionals etc.

So it's not like I totally am 'not able to help myself'... Maybe it's just not the kinda "help" you think I should get.

Then even if maybe depressed people are so-called dumb. THEN? Help us. We are too 'dumb'. Calling us names and condemning us won't help. Then you're "dumb" too for not knowing how to help or not willing to help or maybe you're too 'dumb' to understand depression.

*Info from Median Gross Monthly Income 2013  -

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