Friday, 7 November 2014

Suicide so stylo

Many commented on the outfit of the female who (apparently) attempted suicide.

Firstly, I think there are two 'types' of suicide attempts - a well contemplated one and an impulsive one (like uncontrolled urge after agitation like a quarrel or whatever).

If it was an impulsive one, maybe she was already wearing something nice (to maybe cheer herself up or for a date [depressed people also can have dates and friends okay?]). Do you expect her to throw away her sunglasses and then change to her pyjamas before climbing out of her apartment?

If it was a well contemplated one, duh.
Like what 'Amkh Fa' said - a lot of people who want to commit suicide will choose to dress in a certain manner. After all, it's the last thing you are wearing on earth. Even when we cremate a dead relative, we usually choose their favourite clothing for them to wear right?


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